for log in/register/uploading content and other 'how to' info, please scroll down this page. what is a wiki? a wiki is an interactive website, which allows people to collaboratively upload content and develop the website together. see

how and why should i use this wiki website? you can use this website “normally”, -ie just click on pages and view content.

you can also ADD YOUR OWN CONTENT. This is particularly important because this is a website for a network; as the network grows and more people /groups/initiatives etc. join, we want to know more about you- so the best way to do this is for you to add your content to these pages.

Also as time goes on we will be running more interactive discussion and content, to support the four workshops, via this site.

how to use this website: the basics firstly you need to register. TO BE REGISTERED AS AN INTERACTIVE USER, PLEASE EMAIL

Once registered, you have the ability to add content and new pages.

How to Wiki: please check out this website for all 'how to!'

To edit an existing page or upload text or images onto an existing page: 1. log in. 2. go to the page you want to edit. 3. click on the 'edit this page' tab on the top left hand corner of the page (this option will only be available when you have logged in) 4. add and upload content- you can see it has a very basic toolbar like word for windows. there is lots of help available!! 5. dont forget to press 'save' (bottom left hand side of screen) or your changes will not be saved.

To create a new page: 1. Type the title you would like in to the search bar, top right 2. It will bring up a list of results, and most likely say 'no results' 3. At the very bottom of the page it will say 'create this page' click here 4. Edit at will and save - the page you desire will be created.