Amsterdam workshop: Date: 28th April 2016, 9 am to 5pm. Venue: Aurora Room, Free University Amsterdam. NEW! REPORT FROM THE WORKSHOP! READ IT HEREfinalamsterdamreport.pdf

**NEW** smARTcities and waste youtube channel with Amsterdam workshop presentations!

Core theme: (Waste, Innovation and) Buildings, Place(s) and Space(s) flyer available here: flieramsterdam.docx Confirmed speakers: Tilmann Meyer-Faje, Irene Stengs, Irene Janze, Netty Gelijsteen, Albert Van Winden, Dr Miruna Florea -scroll down for speaker information. The following artists also displayed their work on the day; Helena Koning, Rii Dalitz, Maria Vandenput, Liesbeth Touw (scroll down for more information and see also artists space).

thanks to all who attended for your creativity and inspiring ideas!

This is a broad theme and will cover the following sorts of topics: • The buildings and place /space systems themselves and their (possible, actual) use/waste/reuse of resources in their design, construction, maintenance: • The ways waste of different sorts is generated by and initially dealt with within these places and systems (and then where else the waste is treated /goes) • The connections and interactions between these two things: “the difference that place makes” • (Cultural, economic) value of waste: waste as a resource

Format The day will consist of interdisciplinary speakers, films, installations, and interactive discussion. Lunch will be provided. For background about the overall aims of the project please read the text on the home page. For more background on all workshops click here. timetable amsterdamworkshoptimetable.docx

Workshop Chair: Professor Jeanne de Bruijn , professor in sociology. De Bruijn is researcher at the VU University Amsterdam in the Research program New Public Governance. She is a teacher at the International University Roosevelt. Currently she is in the RC 32 Council on Gender Studies of the International Sociological Association and member of the Advisory Board for the Journal of Genderstudies

Introduction availabe here followed by Alex Plows

Speaker Information

Alex Plows, Project Principal Investigator: Introducing the smARTcities network alexpresentation.pptx a video of alex's presentation (following on from Prof Jeanne de Brujin's introduction) is also available on our youtube channel

Tilmann Meyer- Faje

Tilmann Meijer Faje (1971) is a Dutch/German artist who works and lives in Amsterdam where he graduated in 2000 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Sandberg Institute in 2004. In his work he focuses the failure of industrial processes. He replicates contemporary constructions from our highly developed civilization and anticipates their decay. He builds structures from clay ore wood while they thumble down from their own weight. For his failure experiments the artist often uses the shape of ships in analogy to what happens with us at the moment in the world. A big part of our consumption leans on transport with ships. People are still living on it, risking there live in nature, ships once break ore become dismantled. Mainly they end up on an Indian beach. When a construction become dismantled its characteristics shows up again. His first boat with broken hulk “Seelenverkäufer” is recently aquired to the collection of Stedelijk Museum in Den Bosch. Tilmann's talk is availabe here

Dr Miruna Florea , Department of the Built Environment, Eindhoven University of Technology Her lecture can be found here

Irene Stengs Irene Stengs will talk about the concept of “sacred waste”. Her research interests include Ritual, media and the public domain; ritual and processes of commodification. Irene's talk is available here

Irene Janze The artist Irene Janze will discuss her work on “leftover landscapes”. irene's talk at our Amsterdam workshop on the historical and cultural situated-ness of waste from public events such as “Kings day” can be found here

Albert van Winden ''Program Manager Optimization Amsterdam Waste Chain. Albert will discuss Initiatives and bottlenecks in Amsterdam waste policies. You can find Albert's talk here

Netty Gelijsteen The artist Netty Gelijsteen will feedback at the Amsterdam workshop on the art pop up public engagement event which creatively explores public views on wasteD THOUGHT in Amsterdam. a youtube film of Netty giving us an opportunity to play with and create some 'wasted thoughts' at the amsterdam workshop can be found here A Youtube link to Netty's ongoing art project with public views on waste[ 'wastedcity' ]can be found here

Installations and Displays Other participants who displayed their work:

Helena Koning

Why are you feeling more comfortable in one city, square or street than in another one?

I try to make the feeling of the space around us visible and measurable. I translate this feeling of space into a model by calculating the urban factor and putting it on a map. I invented the urban factor to have a method that can work everywhere in urban public space. The urban factor is the average height of buildings divided by the width of the public space between them.

Rii Dalitz Rii is working in the field of philosophy, art. During the day she will show ecological portraits of plants: photographs of wintervegetation being full of interesting and beautiful properties rather than as being dead material

Liesbeth Touw

Liesbeth wil display a book: It Skips Everytime I Touch It (part of Paradise How)| 2012

Paradise – How, is my long-term search for a definition of Paradise. In both the world within me and the outside world I have noted the typically human activity of kneading life into a form, with the aim of achieving completeness and freedom. A search that has yielded not only many successes, but has also met numerous obstacles and defeats. This quest intrigues me and I feel the desire to get a grip on the search.

image: OUTERIOR II Installation, 2006-2007, 10 x 7 x 2,25 m, mixed media, Gaststudio Duende Studios, Rotterdam

Maria Vandenput Maria also displayed her artwork in Amsterdam. her reflections follow below: The workshop at the Vu was very inspiring. My conclusion of the lectures and workgroups was that as long we have so little contact with materials , their production process or organic grow process, their will always be to much waste. Humans needs contact, connection, compassion, consciousness and communication to get involved in the waste problem. Interesting of the workshop was the different language used by the people coming from the academic world and from the art world. My contribution was sculptural. I exposed several houses of babel and a piece of a tower of Babel. For me the tower of Babel is a metaphor for the time we live in. Were there is lack of communication, contact, connection, consciousness. Although there is more and quicker contact possible through the Internet we live in a Babylon time. In the sculptures I make use of empty, multicolored, cable protection tubes which refer to the Internet. The position on the floor gives way to associations of mathematic schemes some participants remarked.