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Amsterdam. NEW! REPORT FROM THE WORKSHOP! READ IT HERE{{:finalamsterdamreport.pdf|}} [[https://www.yout... uildings, Place(s) and Space(s)// flyer available here: {{:flieramsterdam.docx|}}** Confirmed speakers:*... ore background on all workshops click [[workshops|here.]] timetable {{::amsterdamworkshoptimetable.docx... abe [[|here]] followed by Alex Plows **Speaker Information**
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cities and waste" are welcome to put up material here. This is a wiki website- please click [[allaboutwikiwebsites|here]] for more information about how to upload conten... bout the pop ups can be found [[public_engagement|here]]. Irene's blog posts about the pop ups, the workshop, and much more besides can be read [[blog|here]] Irene's talk at our Amsterdam workshop on the
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bout the day as a whole can be found [[maastricht|here]]). So this is part 1)…. Firstly a big thank yo... bout this FREE workshop can be found [[maastricht|here]] and I will be blogging about the workshop again soon. Here I blog, briefly, about Brexit , something that as... recycling and reuse in mind? Are artworks still here to promote or protect an idea for a next generati
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Please feel free to upload content about yourself here. for 'how to' please click [[allaboutwikiwebsites|here]] Our network's key scientific advisor is James ... ormation about James' work and Selor can be found here [[]] see his i... cture about waste, nanomaterials, mines and water here {{:smartcities_london_workshop_06april2017.pdf|}}
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te confirmed: Hydref 3 October, all [[bangor|info here]] BREAKING NEWS! [[london|London workshop]] //Ur... Middlesex University April 6th all info [[london|here]] BREAKING NEWS! more science, art, policy and s... information about the workshops click [[workshops|here]] BREAKING NEWS 24.3.16 Albert van Winden Progra... WS 23.3.16 new blog post about the network [[blog|here!]] BREAKING NEWS Amsterdam workshop date confirm
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ed public views on "wasted thought" in Amsterdam. Here are some photos of the day: {{::img_4418.jpg?200... to Netty's artwork with 'wastedcity' can be found here ing ideas. So there is a back-and forth- dialogue here, which is also involving the public’s perspective... tices. Irene has written a PDF report, available here,{{::reportexpo_zeeburgerdijk.pdf|}} which is a fa
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ty. Gwybodaeth [[bangor|yma]]! more info [[bangor|here]]! Photos and presentations from our third works... s// Ewaste and water key themes! [[london|**info here**]] final programme here {{::finalversionlondon_waste_workshop_6april2017-1.docx|}} latest blog post [[blog|here]] some feedback from participants from our **se
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and other images can be configured and extended. Here is an overview of Smileys included in DokuWiki: ... acters to their typographically correct entities. Here is an example of recognized characters. -> <- <-
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====== How to Wiki ====== Dear all here's the basics To create a page 1. Type the title you would l... of the page it will say 'create this page' click here 4. Edit at will and save - the page you desire w
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information can also be downloaded as a word doc here {{::maastricht_smart_cities_waste_workshopfinal.d... bout the workshops and how to participate can be found [[workshops|HERE]] more information coming soon!
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Irene Janze, Netty Gelijsteen [[amsterdam| Click here for the Amsterdam workshop webpage]]. if you woul... Alex Plows Flyer available here: {{:flieramsterdam.docx|}} __workshop core obj
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a tiny movie. Look [[|here]] It was very interesting that Alison didnot add ... ng workshop, look [[|here]] for an impression. ***Kuniko Maeda ** http:/
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Congratulations, your wiki is now up and running. Here are a few more tips to get you started. Enjoy yo
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of the page it will say 'create this page' click here 4. Edit at will and save - the page you desire wi
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