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op date confirmed: Hydref 3 October, all [[bangor|info here]] BREAKING NEWS! [[london|London workshop]]... s// confirmed: Middlesex University April 6th all info [[london|here]] BREAKING NEWS! more science, art... n Maastricht confirmed as 9th December 2016! more info soon! BREAKING NEWS 15.5.16 [[https://www.youtub
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angor University. Gwybodaeth [[bangor|yma]]! more info [[bangor|here]]! Photos and presentations from o... Flows// Ewaste and water key themes! [[london|**info here**]] final programme here {{::finalversion
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in/register/uploading content and other 'how to' info, please scroll down this page.// **what is a wiki
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ollowing syntax plugins are available in this particular DokuWiki installation: ~~INFO:syntaxplugins~~
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Project artistic/creative director Irene Janze Project key scientific advisor Jam
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ordinator** - [[artist_s_space|**Irene Janze**]] Background information about the wo
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_team|Prof Graeme Evans]]. you are welcome to add info about yourself and your project- just contact us
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ts own zero point right from the start. for more info
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egion to engage the public, around the same time frame. mwy o gwybodaeth yn fuan! More info soon!
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n. (For now, a quick overview of presenters and info about the day as a whole can be found [[maastrich
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kshop_6april2017-1.docx|}} For further background info about the day please download this document {{::f