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different people in different places. {{::cymen.jpg?300 |}} It will take more than one blog for me t... le resource extraction. {{::rob_elias_good_photo.jpg?300|}} We had an interesting discussion around ... lity with human health and wellbeing. {{::einir.jpg?300|}} The White Box space at Pontio where we he... s”, as she called it. {{::rachel_scrap_art_image.jpg?300|}} {{ ::rachel_scrap_art_image_2.jpg?300|}}
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network: ===== Irene Janze ===== {{:4publicsm.jpg?100|}} {{:a14publicsm.jpg?100|}} {{:apublike2sm.jpg?100|}} The images above are from the showroom of the network's artistic/c... ==== Maria Louise Vandenput ===== {{ :2-dsc00031.jpg?nolink&100|}} {{ :3-_z4h1034.jpg?nolink&100|}} {{
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ann Meyer- Faje** {{:crop.jpg?nolink&100|}} {{:mawe20160216_003small.jpg?nolink&100|}} {{:schiff_crop.jpg?nolink&100|}} Tilmann Meijer Faje (1971) is a Dutch/German artist wh... //** {{:web_maquette_new_york_1.jpg?200|}} Why are you feeling more comfortable in o
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" and expertise! ===== {{::bangorfreeshop2009no1.jpg?200|}} Photo: Bangor "free Shop" pop up 2009 Bein... m. Here are some photos of the day: {{::img_4418.jpg?200 |}}{{:img_4414.jpg?200 |{{ ::img_4428.jpg?200|}}}} {{::img_4438.jpg?200|}} A Youtube link to Netty's artwork with 'wast
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ber 2016, venue Van Eyck Academie ** {{ :minersm.jpg?300|}} // Techno-Scientific Innovation and Wast... derworld” is made perceptible again {{::dsc02127.jpg?200|}}{{ ::img_3856.jpg?200|}} ... on drift off grid// {{:world_on_drift_metroplans.jpg?200|}} {{:dsc02040.jpg?300|}} http://marialouis
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ing media formats directly. | Image | ''gif'', ''jpg'', ''png'' | | Video | ''webm'', ''ogv'', ''mp4'... ve the same filename as the video and be either a jpg or png file. In the example above a ''video.jpg'' file would work. ===== Lists ===== Dokuwiki suppor
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Industries) {{:londonposter.pdf|}} {{ ::dsc0090.jpg?300 |}} //image: Kuniko Maeda// For the final pr... [Exhibitions / Installations]** {{::londonah1sm.jpg?200|}} ***Alison Harper**, Bath Spa Universit... a ** {{ ::img_9651.jpg?300 |}} Kuniko studied traditional wood carving i
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ities-research-council.png?100|}} {{:macch-kleur.jpg?direct&100|}} {{:mu_ldn_logo_high_res_a5_rgb.jpg?direct&100|}} {{:bangor_university_logo.jpg?nolink&100|}} {{
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nities-research-council.png?100|}} {{:macch-kleur.jpg?direct&100|}} {{:mu_ldn_logo_high_res_a5_rgb.jpg?direct&100|}} {{:bangor_university_logo.jpg?direct&100|}} {{:shared:free-university-amsterdam-squarelo
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el Rosen(mSPARC project)// {{ :rachelrosen_msparc.jpg?300|}} **“Make Do and Mend”: Materials Innovatio