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<===== The cat's cradle. ========= Maastricht blog by Irene Janze {{:maastricht2.jpg?250 |}} It took a while before I found some space to write about the ... n December 9, 2016 at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. I didnot know were or how to begin. I was compl... form a honeycomb under the surrounding region of Maastricht. He had to visit the former miners and rang the
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**Maastricht workshop: date 9th December 2016, venue Van Eyck Academie ** {{ :minersm.jpg?300|}} // Techno-... on and Waste; Opportunities and Consequences// {{:maastricht_fliernew.docx|}} **some feedback from participan... ion can also be downloaded as a word doc here {{::maastricht_smart_cities_waste_workshopfinal.docx|}} **//Spe... y and Environmental Impact of Biobased Materials, Maastricht University, Chemelot Campus www.maastricht
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Special Professor of Culture & Urban Development, Maastricht University, FASoS/Maastricht Centre for Art, Culture, Conservation & Heritage; Director of Research/Professor... Assistant Professor, Philosophy of Art & Culture, Maastricht University Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, h... ng-nora-s-vaage/ introduced us in the workshop in Maastricht to all kind of arts and classifications. A very i
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are: [[amsterdam|Amsterdam]] (28th April 2016), [[maastricht|Maastricht]] (9th Dec 2016) [[london|London]] (April 6th 2017), and [[bangor|Bangor]] in North Wales (3rd Oc... ease email Alex Plows on [[maastricht| **Maastricht workshop**]] date 9th December 2016. REGISTER TO ATTEND BY NOV 30TH! Theme: //Techno-Scientifi
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from participants from our **second workshop in [[maastricht|Maastricht]]** // Techno-Scientific Innovation and Waste; Opportunities and Consequences// on 9th December 20... kshops]] in 4 European cities (London, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Bangor in Wales) to explore and develop ideas, i
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y and social science speakers confirmed for our [[maastricht|FREE Maastricht workshop]] on Dec 9th! BREAKING NEWS! date of our second workshop in Maastricht confirmed as 9th December 2016! more info soon!
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composites centre * * Paul Koenen, artist ym Maastricht artist * * Athro/Prof Einir Young, Labordy... r shares strong similarities in this respect with Maastricht (a previous workshop venue); several Maastricht workshop artists and scientists also explored the issue of in
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[[|here]] At our [[maastricht|Maastricht workshop]] in December 2016 we will have a presentation from Anhilde de Jong,Waste Policy, Management & Quality of Life, Maastricht Region: //From Waste to Resources// At our [[l
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our confirmed keynote speakers at the [[workshops|Maastricht workshop]] (9th December 2016) is Professor Marco... y and Environmental Impact of Biobased Materials, Maastricht University, Chemelot Campus www.maastricht
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erties rather than as being dead material in the Maastricht workshop Rii showed books with drawings referring... Marike lives in Berlin. On the Maastricht workshop catalogues of the exhibition Time Zero-E
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stic topic at the workshop on December 8, 2016 in Maastricht Talking with the public people with young childer