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h into different practices. Through this exchange new ideas might emerge, may be a new practice, a new sprout on a tree, a wave bends a little different. We were inside a frame as it were ... them. Rii tries to describe the world in a whole new language based on units found in nature. You have
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m. Venue: Aurora Room, Free University Amsterdam. NEW! REPORT FROM THE WORKSHOP! READ IT HERE{{:finalam...|**NEW** smARTcities and waste youtube channel with Ams... e VU University Amsterdam in the Research program New Public Governance. She is a teacher at the Intern... ning** {{:web_maquette_new_york_1.jpg?200|}} Why are you feeling more comfo
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tie en uitstekende catering. Ik heb genoten! // New sci/tech innovations, particularly bioplastics an... , social, environmental and other implications of new technologies and innovation in the area of waste
news: 2 Hits |new smARTcities and waste youtube channel]] with pres... terdam workshop]] speaker! BREAKING NEWS 23.3.16 new blog post about the network [[blog|here!]] BREAK
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gistered, you have the ability to add content and new pages. **How to Wiki:** please check out [[https... or your changes will not be saved. **To create a new page:** 1. Type the title you would like in to th
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[[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] {{:web_maquette_new_york_1.jpg?200|}} Why are you feeling more comfo... hop Rii showed books with drawings referring to a new language based on natural systems www.riidalitz.n
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* To create a sub-namespace, simply indicate a new page's full position : <code>[[@TARGETPRIVATENS@:
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m of all presentations is being webmounted on our new [[
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atch that of the image, it will be cropped to the new ratio before resizing)): {{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png?
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ent and treatment of waste * we can collaboratively develop new projects with practical applications.
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