Policy makers and practitioners

This network is about interdisciplinary knowledge exchange between between academics, the public, and other “communities of practice”, including policy makers and practitioners, in European cities. Our long term aim is to develop 'spin off' projects with practical outcomes, and also to share “good practice” during the lifetime of this project. We aim to develop H2020 collaborative projects and are actively seeking partners.

At our Amsterdam workshop in April 2016 Albert van Winden, Program Manager Optimization Amsterdam Waste Chain, gave a talk on Initiatives and bottlenecks in Amsterdam waste policies. You can find his talk here

At our Maastricht workshop in December 2016 we will have a presentation from Anhilde de Jong,Waste Policy, Management & Quality of Life, Maastricht Region: From Waste to Resources

At our London workshop in April 6 2017 we had Barbara Herridge & Dimitra Rappou** North London Waste Authority



We are very keen to involve more policy makers and practitioners working with waste management in our network and to learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing them.

We also aim to identify ways in which:

  • “good practice” can be shared across different contexts (regions, cities, scales)
  • ideas and issues which are explored in our workshops can potentially be developed further and put into practice, or dealt with in sustainable ways,
  • whether, and how, the methods for public engagement, especially arts-led approaches, being explored in our network have potential for involving the public in the management and treatment of waste
  • we can collaboratively develop new projects with practical applications.