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ulptures, movies, the installations are part of a project. They are made for the project, in the project, and by the project on emerging places and occasions. The sculptures, pictures and drawings change until e
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**Core team** Project Principal Investigator: Dr Alexandra Plows, Bangor University Project Co-Investigator Professor Graeme Evans, Middlesex University Graeme Evans Project artistic/creative director Irene Janze Project key scientific advisor James Baker selor@tiscal
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****[[:start|Project Background]] \\ [[:news|News]] \\ [[:workshops|Workshops]] \\ [[:artist_s_space|Artis... Wiki Websites]] \\ [[:Resources|Resources]] \\ [[:Project Team|Project Team]]**** {{:wiki:arts-and-humanities-research-council.png?100|}} {{:macch-kleur.jpg?direct
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ded. For background about the overall aims of the project please read the text on the [[start|home page.]] ... Alex Plows **Speaker Information** Alex Plows, Project Principal Investigator: Introducing the smARTciti... uDQ|here]] A Youtube link to Netty's ongoing art project with public views on waste[ 'wastedcity' ]can be
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gy Studies, (STS) etc. This includes both me, Dr[[project_team| Alex Plows]], the smARTcities and waste network lead, and my colleague, [[project_team|Prof Graeme Evans]]. you are welcome to add info about yourself and your project- just contact us First let's introduce our socia
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3KZHVXDop925-ts2xg|Youtube channel]] Alex Plows, project Principal Investigator:Introducing the smARTcitie... ormation-center/waste-management Liveable Cities project network ESRC Urban
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n the Community ===== DokuWiki is an Open Source project that thrives through user contributions. A good w
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ublic made waste sculptures, some participated in project of Netty who invited the public in Dutch: "is er
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ert **// presentation of an EU Horizon innovation project. How to involve the public and public awarenes.//
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P //Image/artwork: Rachel Rosen(mSPARC project)// {{ :rachelrosen_msparc.jpg?300|}} **“Make Do
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nderworld” is made perceptible again minestone project
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m/zhvg9sx |Facebook]] **Background Information: project aims and objectives ** **//In a Nutshell://**
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share "good practice" during the lifetime of this project. We aim to develop H2020 collaborative projects a
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tics. More information about a recent bioplastics project can be found here [[]]
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