Core team Project Principal Investigator: Dr Alexandra Plows, Bangor University

Project Co-Investigator Professor Graeme Evans, Middlesex University Graeme Evans

Project artistic/creative director Irene Janze

Project key scientific advisor James Baker

Project website design and administrator Rhys Trimble

Project Advisory Board

Professor Jeanne de Brujin, Faculty of Social Sciences (Department administration and political science), VU Free University

Dr K.F. van der Woerd, Institute for Environmental Studies, VU Free University

Dr Jayne Woolford Research Associate, Law school, Cardiff University dr_jayne_woolford.docx

Professor Einir Young, Director of Sustainability, Bangor University Einir Young

Professor Massimiano Bucchi Professor of Sociology of Science and Comunication, Science and Technology, University of Trento massimiano.bucchi[at]

Further Background

The core team presented on the aims and objectives of the network at the Royal Geographical Society conference, Exeter, in 2015:

Relevant core team (national and international, specialist and interdisciplinary) networks include the AHRC Connected Communities Hydrocitizenship project (Plows/Evans); the environmental science/geoengineering network ( ) (Baker); the artist Irene Janze's network of multidisciplinary professionals, e.g. visual artists, sound artists, architects, writers, poets, radiomakers, scientists and lay people engaged with the Buro jan_ZE ( ) project. Bangor free shop