Amsterdam Workshop, 28.4.16

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Alex Plows, project Principal Investigator:Introducing the smARTcities and waste network alexpresentation.pptx

Royal Geographical Society conference 2015

smART cities Session page: "Waste Narratives of the Anthropocene"

Alex Plows: network_overview_presented_at_rgs_2015.pptx

background reading


EU policy context

EC Circular Economy Strategy (scroll down for factsheets)

World Economic Forum report //Inspiring Future Cities & Urban Services//

Amsterdam Circular Economy Strategy


Report: Designing Out Landfill ktn.pdf

Report: Sharing Good Landfill Practice with UK netherlands.pdf

other relevant networks

see also @citiesandwaste twitter for an interactive, upto date list of the many innovative initiatives and networks which @citiesandwaste is now following!

the Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS) network (POLIMI, Milan),

the Elop Alliance ( the WISE network (

the UNESCO Man & Biosphere Art and Nature network (


Liveable Cities project network

ESRC Urban Transformations programme/ network

Sustainable Society Network under the Digital Economy Programme.