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Our network's key scientific advisor is James Baker. James is a geochemist and managing director of Selor and will be participating in all four workshops. More information about James' work and Selor can be found here see his interesting lecture about waste, nanomaterials, mines and water here smartcities_london_workshop_06april2017.pdf

We are excited to announce that Dr Miruna Florea , Department of the Built Environment, Eindhoven University of Technology, will be speaking at the Amsterdam workshop on April 28th. A link to Dr Florea's publications and research can be found here: Her lecture given at the Amsterdam workshop can be found here

One of our confirmed keynote speakers at the Maastricht workshop (9th December 2016) is Professor Marco Scoponi whose area of expertise is bioplastics. More information about a recent bioplastics project can be found here

Dr Yvonne van der Meer,** Head of Biobased Materials, Associate Professor - Sustainability and Environmental Impact of Biobased Materials, Maastricht University, Chemelot Campus