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.jpg?250 |}} It took a while before I found some space to write about the wonderful workshop Techno - -S... y interacting with the artworks on display in the space, and creating our own artwork and inventions, fro... some additional artwork, work in progress, in the space brought along by one of our participants; Anna Re... tic to have additional artwork in practice in the space and to feel part of an ongoing, live creation whi
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//(Waste, Innovation and) Buildings, Place(s) and Space(s)// flyer available here: {{:flieramsterdam.docx... down for more information and see also [[artist_s_space|artists space]]). **thanks to all who attended for your creativity and inspiring ideas!** This is... owing sorts of topics: • The buildings and place /space systems themselves and their (possible, actual) u
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====== Artist's Space====== Hello there! any artists participating in this network who have work /ideas... in another one? I try to make the feeling of the space around us visible and measurable. I translate this feeling of space into a model by calculating the urban factor and ... a method that can work everywhere in urban public space. The urban factor is the average height of buildi
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pop up"? ===== A pop up is a temporary use of space to hold an event or in some way engage with peopl... am"; however we understand pop ups as a political space, a "Temporary Autonomous Zone" (Hakim Bey) [[http... event in Amsterdam, run by the artists [[artist_s_space|Irene Janze and Netty Gelijsteen]]. This creative
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News]] \\ [[:workshops|Workshops]] \\ [[:artist_s_space|Artist's Space]] \\ [[:science|Science]] \\ [[:public_engagement|Public Engagement]] \\ [[:blog|Blog]] \
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====== @NAME@ (@USER@) - Private Space ====== This namespace ''//@TARGETPRIVATENS@://'' and it's content ... o it)... * To create a page inside this private space, simply use the standard link syntax __without an
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an influence the rendering by multiple additional space separated parameters: ^ Parameter ^ Description
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Hi there! if you are an [[artist_s_space|artist]] , a [[science|scientist]] or a [[policy|policymaker]],
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====== Science ====== Hello there! This is a space for network members whose area of interest/expertise
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tists & Waste network coordinator** - [[artist_s_space|**Irene Janze**]] Background