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wellbeing. {{::einir.jpg?300|}} The White Box space at Pontio where we held our workshop was full of ... utifully displayed by artists in our network. The space looked amazing, and the artwork created a very sp... other workshops also displayed their work in the space, contributing to the beautiful aesthetic and vibe of the room, particularly [[artist_s_space|Maria Vandenput, Netty Giljesteen, Rii Daalitz,
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//(Waste, Innovation and) Buildings, Place(s) and Space(s)// flyer available here: {{:flieramsterdam.docx... down for more information and see also [[artist_s_space|artists space]]). **thanks to all who attended for your creativity and inspiring ideas!** This is... owing sorts of topics: • The buildings and place /space systems themselves and their (possible, actual) u
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====== Artist's Space====== Hello there! any artists participating in this network who have work /ideas... in another one? I try to make the feeling of the space around us visible and measurable. I translate this feeling of space into a model by calculating the urban factor and ... a method that can work everywhere in urban public space. The urban factor is the average height of buildi
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pop up"? ===== A pop up is a temporary use of space to hold an event or in some way engage with peopl... am"; however we understand pop ups as a political space, a "Temporary Autonomous Zone" (Hakim Bey) [[http... event in Amsterdam, run by the artists [[artist_s_space|Irene Janze and Netty Gelijsteen]]. This creative
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News]] \\ [[:workshops|Workshops]] \\ [[:artist_s_space|Artist's Space]] \\ [[:science|Science]] \\ [[:public_engagement|Public Engagement]] \\ [[:blog|Blog]] \
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====== @NAME@ (@USER@) - Private Space ====== This namespace ''//@TARGETPRIVATENS@://'' and it's content ... o it)... * To create a page inside this private space, simply use the standard link syntax __without an
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an influence the rendering by multiple additional space separated parameters: ^ Parameter ^ Description
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tists & Waste network coordinator** - [[artist_s_space|**Irene Janze**]] Background
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====== Science ====== Hello there! This is a space for network members whose area of interest/expertise
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Hi there! if you are an [[artist_s_space|artist]] , a [[science|scientist]] or a [[policy|policymaker]],