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rful workshop Techno - -Scientific Innovation and Waste: Opportunities and Consequences, I attended on D... n der Meer talked about bio-materials. Marco uses waste from the food industry in Italy as base ingredien... e Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene ====== Waste and Value(s): Material Girl. Maastricht Blog Part... orkshop in [[london|London]] (working title Urban Waste Streams). The ripples from our [[maastricht|Maast
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====== smART cities and waste:====== **Developing an Arts-led, Interdisciplinary, European network for Waste management and Treatment Innovation.** [TWITTER:... ome to this wiki website for the smART cities and waste network!** ===== BREAKING NEWS next FREE WORKSHO... our third workshop in [[london|London]] //Urban Waste Streams And Flows// Ewaste and water key themes!
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or "free Shop" pop up 2009 Being innovative about waste management needs the input of the public/ end use... c and to make sure their views and thoughts about waste management in their cities (and in general), are... tWd16k8 . Irene Janze's models made from leftover waste get a strong reaction when she tells people how this sort of waste otherwise gets disposed of! Irene did her engagem
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/UCk2et3KZHVXDop925-ts2xg|**NEW** smARTcities and waste youtube channel with Amsterdam workshop presentations!]] ** Core theme:** //(Waste, Innovation and) Buildings, Place(s) and Space(s)... stems themselves and their (possible, actual) use/waste/reuse of resources in their design, construction, maintenance: • The ways waste of different sorts is generated //by// and initi
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our next FREE workshop ** //Urban Waste Streams and Flows//** was be held in **London 6th April 2017,** 9... ownload this document:** {{::finalversionlondon_waste_workshop_6april2017-1.docx|}} For further backgro... n_intro_slides.pdf|}} **Professor Lian Lundy **//Waste, Pollution and Water// ectory/profile/lundy-lian// {{:lian_lundy_london_waste_event.pdf|}} **Dr Diane Purchase **//Electronic
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GWEITHDY GWASTRAFF/WASTE WORKSHOP {{ :rachelrosen_msparc.jpg?300|}} {{ :bangor_poster.docx |}} Croeso gy... fysgol Bangor University * * Denise Baker, waste food entrepreneur gwastraff bwyd * * Rhys Tr... ists and others who are working with the theme of waste in the locality. The organising theme of the Ba... scientists also explored the issue of industrial waste in their regional context. Broadly, waste in the
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.jpg?300|}} // Techno-Scientific Innovation and Waste; Opportunities and Consequences// {{:maastricht_f... riginal perspective on such a complex matter like waste.// // Mooie verhalen van inspirerende mensen en... tics and polymers, and the impacts of industrial waste, will be a key focus of this workshop. The ethica... of new technologies and innovation in the area of waste treatment, will be discussed and explored. The wo
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n Winden, Program Manager Optimization Amsterdam Waste Chain, gave a talk on //Initiatives and bottlenecks in Amsterdam waste policies//. You can find his talk [[ https://yout... we will have a presentation from Anhilde de Jong,Waste Policy, Management & Quality of Life, Maastricht Region: //From Waste to Resources// At our [[london|London workshop
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ating to the network core theme "smART cities and waste" are welcome to put up material here. This is a w... blic events in Amsterdam , exploring the issue of waste through innovative participatory arts installatio... p on the historical and cultural situated-ness of waste from public events such as "Kings day" can be fou... rganic grow process, their will always be to much waste. Humans needs contact, connection, compassion, co
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EAKING NEWS! Gweithdy Gwastraff [[bangor|Bangor]] Waste workshop date confirmed: Hydref 3 October, all [[... BREAKING NEWS! [[london|London workshop]] //Urban Waste Streams and Flows// confirmed: Middlesex Universi... nel/UCk2et3KZHVXDop925-ts2xg |new smARTcities and waste youtube channel]] with presentations from the [[a... 16, venue Free University Amsterdam. Core theme: (waste, innovation and) buildings, spaces,and engaging l
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[[project_team| Alex Plows]], the smARTcities and waste network lead, and my colleague, [[project_team|Pr... tens Instituut/KNAW, who gave a talk about sacred waste during the Amsterdam workshop. Her very interstin... to the organic development of the smARTcities and waste network- you can find out more about the networks... ectory/profile/lundy-lian// {{:lian_lundy_london_waste_event.pdf|}} Dr Diane Purchase,
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V 30TH! Theme: //Techno-Scientific Innovation and Waste; Opportunities and Consequences// {{:maastrichtfl... . Venue Free University Amsterdam. Core theme: //(waste, innovation and) buildings, spaces,and engaging l... s, all with an interest /expertise in innovative waste management and treatment. Each workshop will co... , practitioners, academics, all with interests in waste innovation and the core theme of each workshop (e
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ipal Investigator:Introducing the smARTcities and waste network {{:alexpresentation.pptx|}} //Royal Geog... org/AC2015/1bac6492-9282-4d98-ba93-c6967148d536| "Waste Narratives of the Anthropocene"]] Alex Plows: {{... Liveable Cities project network http:
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om/selor.html]] see his interesting lecture about waste, nanomaterials, mines and water here {{:smartciti