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e I found some space to write about the wonderful workshop Techno - -Scientific Innovation and Waste: Oppor... and left the ground floor. So how to describe the workshop and give the people, the works, the lectures, the... kind of materials made out of biomaterials to the workshop. The coffee and milk cups were taken away immedia... d about - and proud with their outcome {{tilmann_workshop1.jpg?200 |}} I want to mention the work of the
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here]]. Irene's blog posts about the pop ups, the workshop, and much more besides can be read [[blog|here]] Irene's talk at our Amsterdam workshop on the historical and cultural situated-ness of w... &100|}} Participant in the Amsterdam [[amsterdam|Workshop]] Maria also displayed her artwork in Amsterdam. her reflections follow below: The workshop at the Vu was very inspiring. My conclusion of th
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TEND and we have approximately 25 places in each workshop. If you would like to participate, please email A... [[maastricht| **Maastricht workshop**]] date 9th December 2016. REGISTER TO ATTEND B... :maastrichtflier.pdf|}} [[amsterdam|**Amsterdam workshop**:]] date 28th April 2016. Venue Free University... ijsteen [[amsterdam| Click here for the Amsterdam workshop webpage]]. if you would like to participate in th
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GWEITHDY GWASTRAFF/WASTE WORKSHOP {{ :rachelrosen_msparc.jpg?300|}} {{ :bangor_poster.docx |}} Croeso gynnes i bawb! Welcome to the Bangor workshop! Mwy o gwybodaeth yn y Cymraeg mor fuan ar syn po... tiwch! Limited FREE places available - to book a workshop place, email Siaradwyr a ga... k by Dafydd Roberts, Llanberis Slate Museum The workshop will be held bilingually and translation services
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**Amsterdam workshop:** Date: 28th April 2016, 9 am to 5pm. Venue: Aurora Room, Free University Amsterdam. NEW! REPORT FROM THE WORKSHOP! READ IT HERE{{:finalamsterdamreport.pdf|}} [[ht... Tcities and waste youtube channel with Amsterdam workshop presentations!]] ** Core theme:** //(Waste, Inn... able {{::amsterdamworkshoptimetable.docx|}} **Workshop Chair:** Professor Jeanne de Bruijn , professor i
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NEWS! Gweithdy Gwastraff [[bangor|Bangor]] Waste workshop date confirmed: Hydref 3 October, all [[bangor|info here]] BREAKING NEWS! [[london|London workshop]] //Urban Waste Streams and Flows// confirmed: Mi... rs confirmed for our [[maastricht|FREE Maastricht workshop]] on Dec 9th! BREAKING NEWS! date of our second workshop in Maastricht confirmed as 9th December 2016! mor
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our next FREE workshop ** //Urban Waste Streams and Flows//** was be held in **London 6th April 2017,** 9am-... d this document:** {{::finalversionlondon_waste_workshop_6april2017-1.docx|}} For further background info ... load this document {{::finalversionlondon_network_workshop_overview.docx|}} To book a place at this **FREE** workshop simply contact ** SPEAKER
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as will be discussed at the [[workshops|Amsterdam workshop]] held on April 28th. http://www.nettygelijsteen.... he work of both artists, at our [[amsterdam|first workshop in Amsterdam on April 28th.]] ==== Pop- up 3, M... ral of the artists participating in the Amsterdam workshop are an artist collective known as Buro jan--‐ZE.... icipated in the smARTcities [[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] held on April 28th 2016 and indeed have been
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d waste network!** ===== BREAKING NEWS next FREE WORKSHOP gweithdy gwastraff is in [[bangor|Bangor]] on 3RD... |here]]! Photos and presentations from our third workshop in [[london|London]] //Urban Waste Streams And F... al programme here {{::finalversionlondon_waste_workshop_6april2017-1.docx|}} latest blog post [[blog|her... some feedback from participants from our **second workshop in [[maastricht|Maastricht]]** // Techno-Scientif
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rials, mines and water here {{:smartcities_london_workshop_06april2017.pdf|}} We are excited to announce t... gy, will be speaking at the [[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] on April 28th. A link to Dr Florea's publicatio... 2559/ep-tab/4/ Her lecture given at the Amsterdam workshop can be found [[ |here... ed keynote speakers at the [[workshops|Maastricht workshop]] (9th December 2016) is Professor Marco Scoponi
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seeking partners. At our [[amsterdam|Amsterdam workshop]] in April 2016 Albert van Winden, Program Mana... fXrARC_O4|here]] At our [[maastricht|Maastricht workshop]] in December 2016 we will have a presentation fr... om Waste to Resources// At our [[london|London workshop]] in April 6 2017 we had Barbara Herridge & Dimit... Authority// {{:barbara_herridge_waste_in_london_workshop_06-04-17.pdf|}} {{:2017_dimitra_drappou_waste_pr
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**Maastricht workshop: date 9th December 2016, venue Van Eyck Academie ** {{ :minersm.jpg?300|}} // Techn... ome feedback from participants** //I enjoyed the workshop very much. The presentations I attended all raise... of industrial waste, will be a key focus of this workshop. The ethical, social, environmental and other imp... te treatment, will be discussed and explored. The workshop programme, speaker and art installation informati
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ve a talk about sacred waste during the Amsterdam workshop. Her very intersting talk can be found [[https://... ly/introducing-nora-s-vaage/ introduced us in the workshop in Maastricht to all kind of arts and classificat
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**presentations** //Amsterdam Workshop, 28.4.16// video film of all presentations is being webmounted on o